Kyla May is a collective of big kids with big dreams. Our illustrators, writers, designers and producers combine passion and experience to develop exciting new concepts for television, animation, books, greeting cards, advertising, licensing and merchandise.

We create original concepts and work-for-hire projects including animation design, TV bibles, licensing styleguides, children’s books, greeting cards and commercial illustration. Our enthusiasm for character and background design has seen us design four animated TV series with our fifth “The Dream Factory” currently in development.

Our style is eclectic, quirky, comical, stylish and contemporary. We draw inspiration from many influences and are extremely passionate about researching every individual project to create a unique graphic style and concept that will stand out from the rest.

Meet the team

Kim Ledger
Managing Director / Owner

With over 40 yrs of businesses experience from engineering, driver training, developing the world famous Wescone Crushers to film.

When Kim isn’t driving fast cars he’s steering our company in the right direction. Surrounded by his daughters Kate, Olivia, and stepdaughters Elana, Nadia and his beloved son the late Heath Ledger, who have each been incredibly creative in their hobbies and careers leading Kim to Kyla May’s world of fairytales and superheroes which he now shares with his three grand-daughters.

Kyla May
Creative Director / Owner / Illustrator / Art Director / Designer

Head Creative and professional daydreamer, as a child Kyla was immersed in her imagination. Kyla never listened in class, instead she would doodle in her diary for hours, some of these child-like doodles spawned many of our successful creations like the stick figures of Flirt and Smirk.

Starting her career in magazine photography Kyla earned her degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at RMIT. She went onto work as an Art Director at the reputable Melbourne advertising agency Clemenger BBDO where she created award-winning print, television and online campaigns, plus branding. Kyla’s unique creative style and bent for comedy led her to create the very successful greeting card range “Flirt” and “Smirk” which led to many other entrepreneurial ventures including books, television and licensing and a little company called Kyla May Productions.

Lisa Kovacevic
Art Director / Writer / Producer

When she was 10 Lisa drew up a contract between herself and her grown-up self… item one: that when she grew up she would never do boring things like read the news, talk about the weather, or work in a stuffy office and that she would always read fairytales. Turns out she only broke one of those rules (it seems the news isn’t all that boring after all).

With an honours degree in Media Studies at La Trobe University, Lisa’s career has spanned documentary, comedy, drama and children’s television production. She has worked as a director, writer, researcher, art director and producer. Her role at Kyla May Productions combines all those skills. Lisa loves the collaborative process and enjoys nothing more than the creative play of bouncing around and developing new ideas with her fellow workers.

Jacqui Migro

Jacqui has trouble even drawing stick figures but thankfully for us her creative flare is to take care of finances and all the Admin roles us creative people don’t like to do….. Jacqui keeps all our behind the scenes accounts and requests running smoothly which allows us all to keep drawing.

The Arty Ones
KMP works with many incredibly talented artists, illustrators and animators including the amazing talents of Paul Tippett and Claire Cheok.
Both Claire and Paul have been designing with KMP for many years, they’re responsible for much of the unique artwork featured on the successful animated TV series’ SheZow, shown on Channel 10 Australia and Hasbro in the U.S. and Flea Bitten! airing on The Nine Network, Australia.

Their illustrative talents have also been leant to other projects including the children’s book series Lotus Lane with Scholastic and Juliet Nearly a Vet with Penguin.